SF9.D1 Folder 15

    Events - The Black Belt Pilgrimage

Item 1: Tabloid journal dated September 25 - October 3, 1976, entitled, "The Black Belt Pilgrimage"

SF9.D1 Folder 16

    Events - Gainesville Sumter Heritage Days

Item 1: Stack of papers dated May 1996 and May 1998 on which children who attended the Heritage Day Event in Gainesville wrote about their experiences

Item 2: Brochure entitled "Sumter Heritage" with three extra copies attached

Item 3: Letter dated March 22, 1993, from SCHPS President James Pate inviting friends and colleagues to the Gainesville-Sumter Heritage Days

Item 4: Itinerary dated April 3 & 4, 1993, detailing scheduled events for Gainesville-Sumter Heritage Days in Gainesville, Alabama; attached are a brief fact sheet about Gainesville and extra copies of the itinerary

Item 5: Program and service guide, Gainesville-Sumter Heritage Celebration Sunday Worship Service dated April 4, 1993; hymn selections attached

Item 6: Envelope of photos of Heritage Days 1996 (four photos, double prints)

Item 7: Envelope of eight photos of Gainesville Heritage Days (year unknown)

Item 8: Photo album of Gainesville Heritage Days festivities (year unknown): candle making, corn shucking, games

 Item 9: Letter dated March 5, 1992, from Julia Tutwiler Library Director Neil Snider to Dr. J. Will Ormond (GA) in acknowledgement of Dr. Ormond's scheduled participation (sermon) at the Gainesville Presbyterian Church

Item 10: Letter dated March 18, 1992, from Billy Stuart to Jim regarding a lack of items for the Antique Auction sale for the Heritage Celebration

Item 11: Program, Gainesville-Sumter Heritage Celebration Sunday Worship Service, dated April 12, 1992, with attached list of individuals to be introduced and two copies of selected hymns

Item 12: Special reader service of the Sumter County Journal, entitled "The Days of Sumter" dated Wednesday, April 8, 1992

Item 13: Itinerary dated April 11 & 12, 1992, detailing scheduled events for Gainesville-Sumter Heritage Days in Gainesville, Alabama

Item 14: Expenses from the Sumter-Gainesville Heritage Celebration - April 11 & 12, 1992

Item 15: Letter dated November 21, 1990, from Margaret W. McGough to Jim and Betty regarding a meeting date, time and location for the SCHPS

Item 16: Special edition of the Sumter County Record dated Thursday, April 1, 1993, entitled, "The Days of Sumter Gainesville-Sumter Heritage Days"

Item 17: Document (undated) issued by the SCHPS inviting those interested to attend the Heritage Days, Gainesville, Alabama, April 3 - 4, 1993

Item 18: Card dated April 5, 1993, from Kathryn Windham to Billy Stuart expressing appreciation on behalf of a Miss Julia who visited Gainesville

Item 19: Letter dated March 22, 1993, from James P. Pate inviting people to the Gainesville-Sumter Heritage Days at Gainesville, Alabama, April 3-4, 1993, with extra copies attached

Item 20: News article dated April 23, 1993, from the Tuscaloosa News entitled, "Heritage Days Helpers"

Item 21: Itinerary dated Aug. 28, 1991, for the April 11-12, 1992, Heritage Days

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