Folder 43:  Philanthropics - Schools

Item 1:  Letter dated April 30, 1993, from SCHPS President James P. Pate to Patty Merrill, Sumter Academy Library, confirming a subscription to the Alabama Review: A Quarterly Journal of Alabama and also regarding the purchase of books for students; attached are letters to Ernest Lankford, Sumter County High School Library, and Shirley Larde, Livingston High School Library

Item 2:  Letter dated May 3, 1993, from James P. Pate to Dr. Sarah W. Wiggins, Editor, The Alabama Review, subscribing to the Review on behalf of the Livingston High School Library, Sumter Academy Library and Sumter County High School Library with copy and reply from Dr. Wiggins attached


Folder 44:  Philanthropics - Ruby Pickens Tartt Public Library

Item 1:  Letter dated January 15, 1986, from Ruby Pickens Tartt Public Library Librarian Margie Smith to Historical Society members, requesting assistance with the completion of the Ruby Pickens Tartt Public Library; thank you card from Smith dated May 13, 1986, attached


Folder 45:  Philanthropics - UWA

Item 1:  Letter dated March 6, 1990, from Julia Tutwiler Library Director Neil Snider to SCHPS President William B. Stuart in appreciation for a copy of Selma: Queen City of the Black Belt by Alston Fitts given to the library by the society

Item 2:  Letter dated October 23, 1987, from Neil Snider to William B. Stuart in appreciation for the following books donated to the Alabama Room: A Connecticut Yankee in Early Alabama, Star Witness, and Alabama Portraits Prior to 1870

Item 3: Letter dated February 3, 1987, from Livingston University Press Director Charles Henley and Assistant Director Pamela Carmell to Billy Stuart, SCHPS, in appreciation for a contribution to the LU Press; Livingston University Press Grant Request Forms attached

Item 4:  Letter dated April 29, 1991, from Jim Pate to Dr. Neil Snider regarding these donations to the Julia Tutwiler Library: the register for the Old Cobb Hotel in Livingston and two books, Sunlight and Shadows and My Story

Item 5:  Handwritten letter (undated) from Marshall S. Knudsen to James P. Pate regarding the sale of the Old Cobb Hotel register to the historical society; letter of appreciation dated March 12, 1991, from Pate attached



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