S11.D3 Folder 3

Towns - Boligee

Item 1: Newspaper clipping (undated) entitled "Boligee gets new Chief of Police"


S11.D3 Folder 4

Towns - Coatopa

Item 1: Newspaper clipping dated September 24, 1992, entitled "Chip Mill may come to Sumter," with two photocopies of the same attached


S11.D3 Folder 5

Towns - Cuba

Item 1: Newspaper clipping (undated) entitled "Eugene Walter Every Week"


S11.D3 Folder 6

Towns: Cullman

Item 1: Photocopy of newspaper clipping dated Tuesday, November 18, 1958, entitled "Cullman Plays Second Fiddle To Nobody When It Comes To Backing Uncle Sam" regarding the fact that Cullman County had the highest number of veterans in proportion to its population in all the counties of the United States


S11.D3 Folder 7

Towns - Demopolis

Item 1: Brochure for the First Annual Lake Demopolis Fishing Rodeo dated May 31 - June 2, 1957


S11.D3 Folder 8

Towns - Epes

Item 1: Newspaper clipping (undated) entitled "Epes Community is extending its park and recreational area," with pictures of a Caterpillar and local residents

Item 2: Newspaper clipping (undated) entitled "Rucks relieved," regarding Mayor C.D. Rucks's relief that two stolen items were returned to Tommy Hylton and his mother, Alma Hylton

Item 3: Newspaper clipping (undated) entitled "Town awarded grant for sewer," regarding a $250,000 state grant awarded to Epes

Item 4: Photocopy of photograph dated c.1880 of the business section of Epes, with Dr. John Epes on first black horse and Jazeral Hilman on white horse

Item 5: Photocopy of newspaper clipping, October 1999, entitled "Epes to celebrate its history on Saturday," regarding the town's centennial celebration

Item 6: Photocopy of newspaper clipping, October 1999, entitled "Epes to celebrate 100 years as a municipality"

Item 7: Photocopy of newspaper clipping (undated) entitled "Visit to Epes," regarding someone's first visit to Epes

Item 8: Newspaper clipping (undated) entitled "Sumter Counties Celebrate At Epes"

Item 9: Document dated October 14, 1899, regarding the incorporation of the town of Epes, Ala., making October 17-23 "Town of Epes Week"

Item 10: Photocopy of newspaper clipping dated February 20, 1983, from the Tuscaloosa News, entitled "She sees better days for Epes"


S11.D3 Folder 9

Towns - Gainesville

Item 1: Photograph (undated) labeled "J.K. Patch, Shelburne Falls"

Item 2: Photograph (undated) of Sally Lassie Stone

Item 3: Photograph (undated) of unknown baby

Item 4: Photograph (undated) of unknown group of people

Item 5: Photograph (undated) of unknown man and two women

Item 6: Flyer entitled "Come Celebrate Heritage Days in Sumter County, Alabama - The Heart of the Black Belt" regarding a Sumter County Heritage Day hosted by the Sumter County Historical Society

Item 7: List of names, addresses, and phone numbers of Gainesville City Council members, dated July 30, 1993, including Mayor Thomas M. Long, Jr.

Item 8: Newspaper clipping entitled "History thrives in Gainesville - the town that was almost Chicago"

Item 9: Surveyor's map of the City of Gainesville dated September 1925

Item 10: Monthly report of Lula Hemmingway from the Gainesville Female College dated May 16, 1879

Item 11: Photocopy of photograph entitled "Negro Baptising "˜Big B' River - Gainesville, Ala."


S11.D3 Folder 10

Towns: Geiger

Item 1: Photocopy (undated) of law manual for the town of Geiger


S11.D3 Folder 11

Towns: Livingston

Item 1: Monograph dated 1972 entitled "Livingston Leads"¦"

Item 2: Newspaper clipping from The Home Record dated August 16, 1978, entitled "Uniqueness of old southern towns" regarding Livingston, with photocopy of article attached

Item 3: Photocopy dated 1959 of article in Detective Magazine entitled "Scream for Room Service," regarding the murder of a woman at the Livingston Hotel

Item 4: Newspaper article dated August 17, 1977, entitled "Proposed Zoning Ordinance, Livingston, Alabama," including a map of the city of Livingston and the lines of demarcation for various zones

Item 5: Photocopy of a Journal Print dated 1878 regarding the medicinal properties of the Livingston Artesian Water

Item 6: Photocopy of a book (undated) named "Medical Men of Sumter County, Alabama," by R.D. Spratt, M.D.

Item 7: Photocopy of handbook printed 1903 entitled "Livingston Artesian Well" regarding the medicinal value of the artesian well water in Livingston

Item 8: Letter dated July 6, 1983, from David Schure to Mrs. Jerrel Reed regarding Livingston's membership in the National Register


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